Home Building Rookie? What You Need to Know About Marble Falls Builders

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Points to Consider When Searching for Marble Falls Builders

college-station-builders-3If you are considering hiring Marble Falls builders to help you design and construct a new home, you have picked a great time to do so. Property values are sure to continue increasing, so getting into the market soon is essential. Here are a few important things to consider when looking for the best Marble Falls builders: Experience How long has the builder been in the construction business? How well do they know the Marble Falls and the Central Texas area and the needs of homeowners in the area? Reputation How is the builder regarded in the area? Does the builder have references available if you request them? Do you or your friends know anything about the quality of their craftsmanship and service? Customer Service How easy is it to get someone on the phone? Is anyone willing to take the time to answer your questions? Is the manager or foreman at the job site daily, weekly, or seldom? How involved are you allowed to be in the creation of your home’s plans and design? Gregg Custom Homes has two decades of experience in construction and materials management, and has been one of the premier Marble Falls builders for over seven years. We are well-known in the area for our quality craftsmanship, top quality materials, and impeccable customer service. We encourage our clients to be as hands-on as possible during the design phase, and we encourage home buyers to visit their building site as often as they wish. Our owner also visits each building site on a daily basis to closely monitor progress. For more information about Gregg Custom Homes, visit our website: greggcustomhomes.org

Building a Home? What the Experts Will Tell You About Home Builders in Marble Falls and the Central Texas area

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Three Easy Steps to Finding the Best Home Builders in Marble Falls and the Central Texas Area For You

home-builders-in-bryan-college-station-2There are a lot of home builders in Marble Falls and the Central Texas area to choose from. How can you tell which company will be the best match for you? Will a company make the entire process pleasant or difficult? Home building experts say the best way to sort through the home builders in Marble Falls and Central Texas and determine which company is the right choice for you, is to follow these three easy steps:

1. Do a little research about the companies you are considering. What sort of reputation do they seem to have in the area? Are they fully licensed, bonded, and insured? How long have they been in the business, and in the area? 2. Preview homes already built by the companies you are considering. Take a close look at the quality of the materials and attention that was paid to details. During these visits, you may also pick up some ideas for the design of your own new home. 3. Interview builders. Every company you choose should offer you a free estimate and consultation – and if they don’t, cross them off your list. Are they willing to patiently answer your questions? Can they help you through the design process or assist with securing lending? How involved do they expect you to be in the construction phase? Gregg Custom Homes has been in construction and materials management for over 20 years, and has been one of the premier home builders in Marble Falls and Central Texas for over seven years. Our friendly staff is always happy to answer your questions and provide free estimates. Our licensed, bonded, and insured crews pride themselves on our well-known quality craftsmanship and materials, and we always encourage our new homeowners to be as involved as they want in the entire home building process. To find out what else Gregg Custom Homes has to offer, email us at office@greggcustomhomes.org to set up an appointment for your free estimate and consultation.

The Five Most Surprising Facts About Marble Falls Homebuilders

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What Do You REALLY Need to Know Before Selecting Marble Falls Homebuilders?

Marble Falls Home BuildersBuilding a new home is one of the most significant projects you will ever undertake. That’s why it is so important to carefully choose the Marble Falls homebuilders that best suit your taste, personality, style, and commitment to being involved in the project. Here are five surprising facts about Marble Falls homebuilders you should know before building your new home: 1. You can preview homes already constructed by your builder, in order to get a sense of the builder’s commitment to quality and to get ideas for your own new construction project. 2. Your builder has a plan available to help you visualize room layouts and determine how much space your family really wants or needs. 3. Of your selection of Marble Falls homebuilders you will want to maintain a close working relationship with lenders to help facilitate hassle-free financing transactions for you. 4. Throughout the planning and construction phases, you are encouraged to be a full participant by expressing your wishes for the biggest and smallest details in your new home’s construction. 5. The owner of your construction company plays a hands-on role by answering every one of your questions and visiting your construction site daily – and he encourages you to visit the site as often as you like. Perhaps the most surprising fact of all is that every one of these Marble Falls homebuilders characteristics are yours to enjoy when you choose Gregg Custom Homes. We view the home building process as a close partnership between you and us. That is why we limit the number of projects we undertake at once – it’s important to us that we give you and your new home’s construction all of the attention you deserve. Call Gregg Custom Homes at 979.324.6009 right away for a free estimate, and to reserve your slot with the best Marble Falls homebuilders.