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At Gregg Custom Homes, we want our clients to feel comfortable with their investment and understand the benefits of financing new construction with the Central Texas home builders behind some of the area’s most beautiful homes. The choice to build new is exciting; it marks the beginning of a long-term collaboration with our company. We believe it’s the best option available for anyone looking to create their dream home. Making the decision to invest in new construction involves a tremendous amount of consideration and planning. Some people debate the merit of this choice as opposed to buying a pre-existing property, and it’s not for everyone. But here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when thinking about this exciting option. What’s Your Timetable? Commissioning brand new construction is obviously going to take longer than buying a pre-existing home. Although it may be a bit of a longer process, you do have control over how quickly the pace progresses. That’s because clients who are responsive and communicative with their team can determine the rate at which progress is made and building goals are accomplished. Many clients are surprised at how it quickly it can be completed. Of course, it still depends on how complicated the specific requests are and the overall scope or ambition of the project. How Important is Customization to You? This is probably the most popular reason for choosing to invest in building a new residence. The ability to create a unique living space is very important to our clients, and we understand the impulse to craft a house that matches your identity. Making time to be available for clarification on follow-up questions, and expressing a general sense of engagement in the process is vital to the successful completion of any home. The devil is in the details. Clients should be prepared to express their preferences for fixtures, and other relevant minutiae throughout the process. One of the popular aspects of our custom building services that sets us apart from other Central Texas home builders is our room-planning feature, which allows clients to play with and visualize their furniture in any new space. Your Complete Satisfaction is Our Design Gregg Custom Homes stands by our services and guarantees professionalism. Everything we do is designed to provide you with the best value, from our attention to detail and organization to our pledge never to cut corners. Being a part of where you make your home is extremely important to us, and we understand the significance of every decision involved throughout the process. Call our office today at 979-324-6009 to schedule a free consultation with the Central Texas home builders you can trust to build your dream.