What is the timeframe to build a home?

Allow three to four weeks to close on your construction loan. Construction of your home can depend on many variables such as weather, labor, materials, inspections, size of the home, customization to the home and more. Typically, it takes between four to six months from start to finish.

What is the cost per square foot?

This really varies based on the lot area, floor plan, foundation requirements, plan changes, upgrades and more. Once we have reviewed your plan and more, we can provide a better estimate of your home on your lot.
There are five items to consider when providing the total cost of your new home:
1. The base price of the plan (without upgrades)
2. Customization of the floor plan.
3. Lot cost
4. Lot preparation, e.g., building the land up with dirt to bring it out of a flood plain, tree removal, underground electrical run to your home, connecting and re-running lines for sewer and water. There are other possible considerations depending on the floor plan, your land and other factors. 
5. Design upgrades such as flooring, lighting, countertops, cabinet upgrades and more.

Are there more floor plans available?

Yes! We have many plans to choose from, and we can customize those floor plans as needed to provide the right home for your lifestyle and your lot.

We have our own home plans. Can you build it?

In many cases, you can also enjoy the outstanding quality and craftsmanship of a Gregg Custom Home built home based on your own set of plans. We can review it together to help make your dream home a reality.

What kind of financing do you require to build on our lot?

Building on your lot requires either a cash contract or a construction loan. Our Preferred Lender has great options available, and their rates are competitive.