Mobile Shortcodes Available

[aim if desktop] Display only on Desktops and Laptops only. [/aim]


[aim if mobile] Display only on mobile devices. [/aim]


[aim if handheld] Display only on handhelds. [else] Or display this to everything else.. [/aim]


[aim if ios] Display this on any iOS device. [else] Or display this to everyone else. [/aim]


[aim if ipad]Display this to iPad users only[/aim]


[aim if tablet] Display this on tablets only. [else] Display on everything else [/aim]


[aim if iphone] Display this on iPhones only. [else] Display this to non-iPhone users. [/aim]


[aim if android]Display this to Android users.[/aim]


[aim if blackberry]Display this to BlackBerry users.[/aim]


[aim if ios and !iphone] Display this to iOS users who aren’t on an iPhone. [/aim]


[aim if android and iphone] Display only to Android and iPhone users [/aim]